How reviews and ratings work on Menulog

We know how important it is for you to connect with your valued customers and receive genuine feedback about their experiences with your business. That’s why customer reviews and ratings have long been a key part of the Menulog platform.  Customer rating and review process After an order has been […]

An update to your overall rating on Menulog

We’re changing the way we calculate your overall rating on Menulog, to make it more current and accurate for customers.  From 26 September, your rating will be calculated using your most recent customer reviews from the past 12 months, with older reviews no longer used.  We’ve made this change to […]

Book a free photoshoot to help make your menu pop

Menulog has launched a new partnership with photography provider OCUS, to help make your menu pop and attract more customers. What is OCUS? OCUS is a company built by photographers that understands and appreciates the hard work required to make stunning images that help brands grow. The OCUS network is […]

Promotional tools for Menulog partners

At Menulog, we’re all about helping our valued partners succeed. We’ve created a range of promotional tools to do this, which you can use to help drive more customers to your Menulog listing and boost your orders on the platform.  Read on to find out more about these promotional tools, […]

Updating your shipping address on the Menulog Shop

When placing an order on Menulog’s new self-service Shop, shop.menulog.com.au, your order will auto-populate the delivery address to the address that is associated with your Menulog account. If you wish to change this to a different delivery address, you can easily update this during checkout.  During checkout, simply click on […]

Guide to Partner Hub

Partner Hub is an exclusive tool for Menulog Restaurant Partners and is accessible via desktop or mobile app. A number of functions and features are available on Partner Hub to help you efficiently manage and optimise your Menulog restaurant listing. You can also monitor and track your restaurant’s performance through […]

Driving Orders with Promoted Placement

Looking to boost your orders? With Promoted Placement you’ll be featured as a ‘Promoted’ restaurant and share the top five search results on Menulog for your chosen suburbs. BENEFITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Get in front of the right customers: Restaurants are personalised to the customers, ensuring we promote you to […]

Menulog’s StampCards Loyalty Program

Increase your restaurant orders with Menulog’s StampCards, a new loyalty program which allows your customers to unlock a tasty discount when they collect five stamps from your restaurant – meaning they’ll be ordering more from you!  Customers receive a stamp for every order they place with your restaurant After collecting […]

We’ve launched a new Menulog Partner Shop!

We’re excited to announce that we have launched a brand new Menulog Partner Shop! Our new self-service Shop has a range of Menulog branded products to help you provide the best experience delivering food fresh to the customer’s doorstep.  To access the Shop and add items to cart, an invitation […]

Tips to help you boost the value of online orders

We’re committed to helping all of our restaurant partners get the most from having an online ordering and delivery solution. There are many ways that you can optimise your Menulog listing, to help you maximise your earnings through online orders.  One of these is to encourage customers to create larger […]