How reviews and ratings work on Menulog
on January 22, 2024 in Business Tips, Features

We know how important it is for you to connect with your valued customers and receive genuine feedback about their experiences with your business. That’s why customer reviews and ratings have long been a key part of the Menulog platform. 

Customer rating and review process

After an order has been delivered, customers are invited to evaluate two parts of their order – the item or food quality, and the delivery experience. They can rate each part of their order out of five stars. 

In this process, customers also have the option to add a review using a free text box. This is where they can enter a comment with more information about why they selected a certain rating. 

How ratings are calculated

The overall rating on your Menulog listing is calculated by averaging all of your most recent customer ratings, from the past 12 months.

This calculation ensures ratings are trustworthy and reflect the current customer experience with your business. We believe that more up-to-date expectations will lead to better customer and partner experiences on the platform. 

Plus, it gives you the ability to make an even greater impact on your rating with each order, as by continuously providing a great service, your rating will grow and attract even more customers to your Menulog listing.

Responding to customer reviews

Customer reviews on Menulog are incredibly valuable as they can only come from verified customers to your listing. This is useful to help you quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. 

To improve communication with your customers and show them you are listening, you have the ability to post a public response to reviews on your Menulog listing. 

It’s quick and easy to respond to your reviews through Partner Hub. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into Partner Hub
  2. Head to ‘Reviews’
  3. Click on the ‘Reply’ button under the review you wish to respond to and a text field will open
  4. Enter your reply and click ‘Send’

Menuog will review all replies to ensure the interactions are respectful with any comments using offensive language removed. Please note reviews may take up to two business days to go live.