Promotional tools for Menulog partners
on August 2, 2023 in Business Tips, Features

At Menulog, we’re all about helping our valued partners succeed. We’ve created a range of promotional tools to do this, which you can use to help drive more customers to your Menulog listing and boost your orders on the platform. 

Read on to find out more about these promotional tools, all of which are available at your fingertips on the Partner Hub.

Promoted Placement

Boost your visibility with Promoted Placement, a tool which puts you in front of more of the right customers. When you use Promoted Placement you’ll be featured as a ‘Promoted’ venue within the top five search results on Menulog for your chosen suburbs.

Find out more about using Promoted Placement here. 


Increase your orders with Menulog’s StampCards, a loyalty program that rewards returning customers. This program sees customers receive a stamp for every order they place at your restaurant. After collecting five stamps, the customer unlocks a discount reward of 15% of the sum of these five orders, automatically applied to their next order with you.

Find out more about using StampCards here.

Offers and discounts

A key factor that entices customers on Menulog is value. There are three types of offers and discounts you can leverage to add further value to your menu. 

  • Free item offer: Under this offer, customers can receive a free item when they order with you. You can choose for this offer to activate when the customer reaches a minimum spend amount (not including delivery or service fees), and you can also choose the free item from your menu. Example: Get a free garlic bread when you spend $30 or more.
  • Percentage discount offer: A percentage discount is applied with this offer, which can be activated for all orders, or for orders over a certain minimum spend amount (not including delivery or service fees). You can choose both the percentage and the minimum spend amounts. Example: Get 10% off when you spend $50 or more.
  • Buy one get one free (BOGOF) offer: Double the fun by enabling this offer that will see customers get a second of a specific item for free, when they buy one. The offer only applies to the specific menu item/s chosen by you. Example: Get two cheeseburgers for the price of one.
  • Single item discounts: Sometimes you want more variety and flexibility in the discounts you offer. With this offer, you can choose the item to be discounted and what discount applies to it, rather than applying an offer to your whole listing. Example: Get 50% off family-sized meatlovers pizza, or 20% off all soft drink cans.

For help with self-serve promotions and offers, contact [email protected]