Time to refresh your menu?

One of the most commonly asked enquiries we receive from restaurant partners is how they can ensure their menus are looking tip top, for the best results in getting customers’ attention and of course – orders!

Customers love variety, but sometimes they’re too spoiled for choice, which can leave them indecisive and searching through a number of local restaurants before they finally land on one to place and order with.

That’s why when updating or revamping your menu, we’ve found that simplicity is best, especially when you lead with your best foot forward, so check out some quick tips below!


Having categories is obvious, but we’ve seen a lot of restaurants whose menu items don’t sit in the right category. This can leave some customers confused and might convey to the customer that the item they’re looking for may not be on sale at your venue if it doesn’t appear where it’s expected to. Adding sub-categories for entrees, sides, desserts and beverages helps customers find what they’re looking for – and can help increase order size!


Providing descriptions under your menu items can help customers make a impulse decision to make a purchase at your restaurant. This is especially true if your items have a twist on common cuisines, or if you have unique items or if you’d like to tap into other demographics in your local area.

Cuisine Types:

When it comes to cuisine types, it’s important that your restaurant sits in the most accurate category. This is because customers often have an idea about what they feel like ordering, so they might be searching for exactly what you have on offer.

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